Protect your valuable files


What is Fileseal?


Encrypt files with keys derived from a given password, keeping the file content secure.

Cloud Sync

Keep encrypted files in sync with cloud storage services, including Dropbox and Google Drive.


Encryption and synchronization operations are performed regularly in a background service.


Why use Fileseal?

Provable Security

The encryption protocol is built on cryptographic algorithms with provable security.

Cloud Secure

Files are encrypted before uploading to cloud, this provides an extra layer of security.

Secure Removal

Original plain files are wiped immediately by secure delete methods after encryption. Chance of recovery after removal is minimized.

Built-in Viewer

Fileseal has a built-in image viewer and a file manager, allowing you to view your photos without exposing them to external apps.

Battery Friendly

Fileseal consumes minimal battery and CPU power as a background service.

Easy to Use

Setup and enjoy, Fileseal does all you need in background afterwards.

Our story

With Fileseal, we set out to create the best encryption experience on mobile, which is truly secure, fail safe, user-friendly and mobile optimized.

Our original idea was to create a secure camera app. And we soon knew that it would not be the best solution, as there is no prefect camera app with features that fits all, everyone would have their own favourite camera app, or even multiple ones.

This is why we come up the core idea - an app which virtually turns every camera apps to secure ones.

The closest apps on the market are batch encryption tools and encrypted containers, however both have their own problems in the mobile world.

Batch encryption tools are good for encrypting existings files, but not for new files, which means users have to actively use the tools whenever there are new files.

Encrypted containers usually have 2 main issues.
First, the unencrypted contents are always accessible, which means the phone stolen with the login pin cracked, there is no extra layer of defence.
Another issue is that it would require the device to be rooted to be compatible with most camera app, rooting a device may introduce additional security concerns and it is not friendly to normal users.

Fileseal fixes all these problems by actively encrypt new files, and only show the actual contents when user view theirs files by providing the password, while still keeping things simple and user-friendly.

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